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Help & FAQ


1.How do I get a prescription? does not provide eye exams or write prescriptions for eyeglasses. Please visit your ophthalmologist or optometrist to obtain both an eye exam and a prescription. They should provide you with a written copy of your prescription before you leave, but you can always ask for one if they don't. Please also ask your doctor to measure and record your pupillary distance (or PD) on your prescription. Your PD is the distance between your two pupils measured in millimeters (e.g. 60). Your PD is not always included in your eyeglass prescription, but it's very helpful for us to have when making your eyeglasses to ensure that they fit you perfectly.

2.What do I need in order to place an order for prescription glasses?

To purchase a pair of prescription glasses, all you need is your eyeglass prescription. We also recommend that you provide your pupillary distance (or PD) . We will follow up with you via email if we have any questions about your order or if we need any additional prescription information.

3.I'm unsure about how to enter my prescription online. Can I send it to you instead?

Of course! You can email us a copy at [email protected] , upload it to our website during the checkout process. When you send us your prescription, please include your name, email address, and order number so that we can match up the prescription to the correct customer or order record.

4.Who checks my order to make sure I haven't entered anything that is obviously wrong?

Our team reviews every single order for prescription glasses. If we come across anything out of the ordinary or clearly incorrect, we will email or call you to clarify. Keep in mind that because prescriptions can differ greatly from person to person, we are unlikely to catch prescription entry errors unless you have provided us with a copy of your prescription(which you can do by either uploading a scan or picture of it during checkout, or emailing the file to [email protected] after placing your order).

5.Can I order frames without prescription lenses?

Definitely! Once you've picked the frames you like, you can proceed to checkout as usual. However, the frames come with "filler" lenses, which often have writing on them and are not optical quality. If you need the frame for fashion use, we would recommended to choose “Fashion” for the usage when you place the order.

6.Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?

Unfortunately, contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions are different. The simple reason is because contact lenses sit directly on your eyes, while eyeglasses are held in front of your eyes. Though the prescriptions may appear similar, they will differ in strength and are not interchangeable. We cannot - and, for your safety, would not — use your contact lens prescription to make your glasses.

7.Do you have extra processing fee?

The extra “$8.95 processing fee" will appear when your PD is too small for the frame or your prescription is beyond the corrective capacity of the lenses you chose. In both cases, additional special Lab work is required to process your lenses. So we will have to charge extra processing fee for it.

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